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Our services

Our partners' long-term experience and deep expertise combined with our network of external experts in other core areas as tax or real estate enables us to offer you a comprehensive and individual service offer.

Wealth management & financial planning

Completely independent and tailored wealth management services with individualized investment strategies and implementations as well as the development and management of long-term financial plans for you and your family.

Reporting & risk control

Continuous monitoring and controlling of the investment strategies and tactics facilitated by a regular and individual-based reporting on the current development. Professional asset consolidation and corresponding definition and controlling of risks belong to the core of all our services.

Tax advisory and analysis

Optimized value generation requires integrated and professional tax advisory services. In addition to our tax-efficient wealth management approach, our partner network with national and international tax experts gives you access to further specialized solutions in the fields of tax planning and optimization. Your annual tax declaration is managed in-house.

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Succession planning and solutions

VVBZ manages and develops your family wealth over generations and offers you professional legal advisory in regards to the definition and implementation of your personal and corporate succession planning. We closely collaborate with our legal experts in the partner network to fully leverage their experience and expertise and find integrated and tailored solutions.

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Real estate solutions

VVBZ's integrated solutions also include real estate solutions in collaboration with our experts in the partner network.

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