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Our approach

VVBZ can offer you unique advantages thanks to our flexibility and independence as a multi family office. Our core competencies in wealth management and financial planning, our collaboration within our network of experts in law, tax and real estate and our broad network of custodian banks enable us to develop, implement and monitor highly tailored investment solutions based on your specific needs and integrated financial planning solutions.


"Directly from the beginning, I felt significant value added." (client)

One of the most important advantages is the flexible and free choice of the prime custodian bank or banks out of our network and the resulting diversification benefit. This independency and flexibility allow an individual advisory process and prevent conflicts of interests. 

Consequently, our advisory process and investment solutions are free from any bank or product specific requirements and biases. Our independence allows us therefore to put your specific needs in the core of our approach and follow our company's ambition: to develop and implement personalized and targeted solutions to meet your investment and financial planning objectives the best possible way. 

Based on a mututally developed definition of the customer's profile and resulting specific objectives, we develop for our customers an integrated and tailored investment or financial planning solution. By embedding our core competencies in the larger network of industry experts in related fields as tax or succesion an developing an integrated solution from one source, another key benefit results for our customers.

Wir sind für Sie da - unabhängig davon, welche Herausforderungen der Markt, der Regulator oder die Depotbanken stellen und zu bewältigen haben.   


We are there for you - independent of the changes in the market and other environment, continous accessability and personal advisory throughout the relationship characterise our solutions. 


Capital preservation is at the core of our investment philosophy and is represented and in all our tailored investment solutions.

Capital preservation

Our conservative investment philosophy enables us to generate sustainable risk-adjusted performance.


Our individual advisory approach enables us to specifically meet your needs and guarantees independence and flexibility.


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